Pernille Snedker: Suminagashi


10 Sep – 23 Oct 11:00 AM–5:00 PM

Suminagashi is a Japanese marbling technique that dates back to the year 700. Produced one drop of ink after another, ring by ring, the image is constructed on a water surface. In Pernille Snedker's work, this method is extended to everything from floor patterns and furniture to sublimely modern images. The result is a mesmerizing world of rippling lines, subtle tones of color - seemingly in motion, though frozen forever at the moment the paper met the water.

No two images can ever be alike, because of the fluent and uncontrollable nature of ink on water. To masterfully control the process, the artist, like the old Japanese masters, must place herself in a state of flow. Looking at images, that state of intense but calm focus seeps into us.


Grønbechs Gård 4, 3790 Hasle


90 DKR