Sarah Vajira Lindström: Similia similibus curantur


10 Sep – 23 Oct 11:00 AM–5:00 PM

Walnuts were long thought to be good for the brain because they had a similar folded structure. Lemon balm, with its heart-shaped leaves, was healing for the heart. In the exhibition Similia similibus curantur, Sarah Vajira Lindström explores how humans approach what we eat and consider healthy.

She creates a kind of herbarium, inspired by the doctrine of signatures. The doctrine of signatures is a medical theory dating back to antiquity, which still influences alternative medicine today. The basic idea is that there is an almost magical link between what we eat and the organs that remind us of the food - like the raspberry reminds us of the stomach.

The works Lindström shows here are linked to this doctrine or to food that is considered to be particularly health-promoting, and she uses food not just as inspiration but directly in the works, as material.

Lose not an Atom/Dissecting my Food consists of 133 collages presented as a micrarium - a collection of slides for microscopic examination. Like a scientist developing genetically modified crops in a laboratory, Lindström dissects and examines what she eats and takes pictures of it with a microscope camera. She cuts out and glues together the microscope images into fictitious organisms.

In the work Herbarium, she works with macro-photographs of so-called miracle plants and superfoods assembled as a kind of medical or botanical blueprint.

Microbiota and All the Trimmings take food as material as their starting point. Using plant dyeing, eco-printing, embossing and digital printing, the colors, shape and texture of the plants are used directly in the expression.


Grønbechs Gård 4, 3790 Hasle


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