Workshop with local raw materials


17 Sep 10:00 AM–5:00 PM

What is lost must be found again. The large raw material quarries are almost empty. Corona, customs wars, increasing transport costs and "flight shame" make it physically and mentally difficult for us to get hold of raw materials for our ceramic production from overseas, the way we used to. It makes sense to take a closer look at our local spots for knowledge, experience and raw materials. In this workshop, Anne Mette and Jesper invite you to collect small samples of raw materials at selected locations on Bornholm. These include clay and various minerals that are interesting in ceramic production. Afterwards, we proceed to the workshop at Agregård, where our newly found raw materials are processed, and readied to be included in the ceramic production. Jesper and Anne Mette present Agregård's clay factory and share insight into how production at Agregård works.

This tour is around and about the island and participants must have their own vehicle available. The fee is including lunch.


Agregård, Aabyvej 4, 3700 Rønne