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Bornholm is the first region in Europe and the first island community in the world to be honored the title of World Craft Region. The island’s strong community spirit is evident in the vibrant crafts, museums, biennials and international educational opportunities, all of which place Bornholm firmly on the international scene. And with a centuries-old tradition for crafts and well-preserved techniques, the island continues to represent innovative artists and artisans who work with ceramics, glass, textiles, metal and wood.  

Bornholm is the first island in the world to receive the title A World Craft Region – the highest recognition in the world of arts and crafts.  

Outstanding arts and craft makers

Bornholm is well known for its many skilled craftsmen, who contribute to the image of an island where quality and aesthetics are paramount. Here artists are inspired and can work freely, but at the same time draw on a strong interrelation. The Bornholm craftsmen are different - not only in temper, expression and choice of materials, but also in relation to the basic working conditions, inspirations and presentations.

Exhibitions, museums and biennials

History, contemporary crafts, biennials and small galleries. Experience our exhibitions and craftmanship on Bornholm. 

Vibrant craft on Bornholm

An absolute MUST DO on Bornholm is to visit some of our arts and craftmakers in their own workshops. Also keep an eye on the changing exhibits at the museums. And finally, if you eat at one of the island's many good restaurants you will probably recognize the local craftmanship at the table.

Explore our vibrant craftmakers on Bornholm



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